Types of Magical Beings

Wizards: Deal with the classical magical potions, couldrons, etc.

Witches: Deal with the calssical magical potions, couldrons, etc. 

Shamans: Deals with elemental and nature magic strictly and also have totems.

Druids: Deals strictly with Nature and Elemental magic as well except does not include totems.

Shapeshifters: Are able to change into any shape within reason (no buildings or vehicles) and can specialize in Magic.

Sorcerers: Similar to Battle Mages or Wizards they are trained in all schools of Magic.

Oracles: They can see into the future and can also learn some magic but their main focus is seeing the future.

Enchantresses: They specialize in enchanten things and are strictly females born from Sorcerers.

Voodoo Queens and Voodoo Doctors are known as Witches: They perform Hoodoo, Black Magic, Voodoo and Gris Gris.

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