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  • Sonofapollo

    Voodoo Witches Powers

    November 29, 2012 by Sonofapollo

    Voodoo Queens and Voodoo doctors are known as Voodoo Witches. They perform Hoodoo, Black Magic, Voodoo and Gris Gris.


    1. You can conjure spirits to aid you in battle. The longer/more spirits are called, the more mana is drained.


    1. You can curse an object with Bad Juju, usually a statue. Whoever touches the cursed object first, will be subject to Bad Juju. This will result in bad luck for them until they are cured by a Hoodoo/Voodoo Practitioner.

    Once a Day

    1. You can create a Hex Bag. This is a bag filled with herbs, bones of a black cat, and charred bones of newborn babies. The Hex Bag can be placed into an enemy's room or person, and will subsequently injure them. The only way to destroy a Hex Bag is by burning it.


    1. You can us…
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  • Sonofapollo

    Enchantress Powers

    November 29, 2012 by Sonofapollo

    Backing info.

    So, Enchantresses. They're very rare- born only to an Enchantress and a Sorcerer. They're exclusively female, and have the following powers:


    1. You can faze a person under a seduction spell, making them blind to your attacks and infatuated with you. The longer this is used, the more mana it takes.
    2. You can enchant weaponry to be stronger and more powerful for you, however the stronger it is enchanted, the more mana is used up.


    1. You can create a shielding sphere around you made of light. However, the bigger the shield, and the longer you hold it for, the more mana it takes.

    Once a day

    1. Once a day, Enchantresses can enchant their own body (or another persons body) to become armour-like, and resistant (not completely invin…
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